About Us

The Katy Warriors program was founded by a group of coaches and dedicated staff who believe strongly in the advancement and education of today's young athletes with a emphasis in basketball training and competition. The coaches and staff used a culmination of various basketball programs such as AAU, UIL Basketball, Upwards, YMCA, Local Youth etc... to create an all encompassing program. The organization then evaluated the important attributes that were critical to the success of the program and its participants. Those attributes included a set of core values that would guide a non profit basketball program and insure its success but most importantly the athletes success. The Katy Warriors Basketball program lives and operates on the premise of the following core values.

-Hard Work
-Team Work

Our staff and athletes takes great pride in operating on and off the court using our core values and understand how important the relationship is between structure and competition. The Katy Warriors Basketball program employs a strong physical fitness regiment and emotional wellness training. We train our athletes and condition them to play hard, strong and smart. We challenge our athletes by pushing them to their perceived limit, then slightly over when appropriate, ultimately guiding them back to their comfort zone thus, increasing their confidence and play. Our program fosters, physical development, basketball I.Q. and confidence.

Founders of our program believe in synergy within the organization and translate it into success. We train, play and travel together united as one. " All In" is our motto and the organization lives by it in every way using coaches, board members, athletes, team moms, parents and volunteers to serve its success.